Evolution of the Guitar

Guitar is an ancient instrument that has evolved in time. Today, the kind of guitar that we have now is very modern with all the features and specifications. With the improvements and advancements, you can now create an amazing sound or music. And for guitarist, it is always a good thing to have at least some background of the history of guitar. How does the instrument that people use now different from the ancient guitar?

The history of guitar can be traced back 4,000 years ago. Although the physical design of the said instrument has significantly changed, experts have found out that our ancestors have been using the instrument. One of the theories that have emerged which traces back where guitar originated is known as the Kithara Theory. Kithara is the Greek word used for an instrument that has semblance with guitar. Some experts believe that guitar is related with the Greek’s kithara although there is no solid evidence to prove its connection.

The term guitar came from the Latin word cithar. The early development of guitar is already lost in history. But many experts say that the guitar has two influential predecessors which include the lute, a known European instrument and the oud, a 4 string instrument that was brought to Iberia by the Moors way back in the 8th century. By 12th century, Spain’s using two different guitars namely the Spanish and the Latin guitars.

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