Guitar Amps

Standard guitar amplifier features include:
Clean/Distortion Channel Switching (footswitch operated)
Boost Switch (footswitch operated)
Presence Depth–this works in conjunction with the Presence control. The Presence Depth knob has a built-in switch so that the Presence control can be taken completely out of the loop for “open-loop” amplifier operation.
Choice of output tube type. Our 100-watt heads come standard with a combination of 6L6 and E34LS output tubes; our 50-watt amps come with E34LS tubes. If the user prefers, we can set them up with all 6L6, all E34LS or other EL34 type, etc.
Custom coverings. We offer standard coverings to match an existing cab if necessary. We also offer Red, Purple, Camouflage, Snakeskin, etc.
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