Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Review

A nice acoustic guitar should be partnered with a quality acoustic guitar amp. Whether it is just a hobby or you want to perform for an audience, you should definitely invest in a reliable and top notch acoustic guitar amp. And in choosing a brand, you get to fave a wide array of choices. One of which is the Marshall AS50D. So, what makes the Marshall AS50D a good buy? Before finally deciding to get the amp, you have to take a look at its features and specifications.

The Marshall AS50D is a 50 watt and a 2×8″ amp for acoustic guitar. It has two channels and its microphone is phantom-powered. With its RCA inputs and master volume, you get to create quality sounds from your guitar. Other features of the combo amp include the following: digital chorus, new tweeter, reverb and anti-feedback notch filter. This acoustic guitar combo app is perfect for any guitarist. Whether you are into blues or heavy metal music, you will not be disappointed with what the Marshall AS50D has to offer. To give your acoustic its much deserve treatment, you might want to check out this amp.

The video shows how the product looks like so you can see if it fits your style and your acoustic guitar. Given the amp’s features and specifications, the product is tested and you get to have a feel as to what you can expect if ever you decide to go for the Marshall AS50D.

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