The Most Portable Gigging Guitar Amp Ever???

When playing guitar whether it is at home or in any location, you need to have quality amplifiers that you can use to produce the best sounds. When you are searching for the best amps, there are toms of choices out there. Depending on your needs, you have to buy the amps that perfectly suits what you are looking for. Do you need amplifiers for home use or for your gigs? If you need amps for your gigs, you do not just need superb specifications; you would also want to buy amps that are portable so you can easily carry them anywhere.

With a wide range of amps that you can use for your guitar, how do do you get the best gigging amp that is also very portable. If you need an amp for small venues, you do not necessarily have to get a loud amp. For a location that has a capacity of about 200 people or leas, a 15 watt valve amp would be a good choice.

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